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Isuzu NMR Truck


4×2 GVW 5.2 – 5.5 t

King of Narrow body

Isuzu NPR Truck


4×2 GVW 6.5 – 7.5 t

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Isuzu NQR Truck


4×2 GVW 8.5 – 9.5 t

The Very Best Carrying Capacity

Isuzu N-Series with Body Truck

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With Rear body

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Isuzu N-Series Truck

Safe and Secure, Always

Advanced digital analysis makes the cab more rigid and reduces weight: truck safety is evolving in a new direction.
Isuzu N-Series Truck


Isuzu N-Series Reinforced Door waist
Isuzu N-Series Reinforced Door waist
Reinforced door waist
Minimizes distortion in the shape of the cab in the event of accident.
Isuzu N-Series Reinforcement inside the front pillar
Isuzu N-Series ELR 3 point System seatbelts
Reinforcement inside the front pillar
Not only the front pillar, but also the area from the bottom of the windshield down to the floor has been reinforced to reduce cab deformation during frontal collision.
ELR 3-point system seatbelts
(center seat: 2-points)

Effectively restrain and protect driver and passengers during a collision.


Isuzu N-Series Front and rear drum breaks
Isuzu N-Series Front and rear drum breaks
Front and rear drum brakes
Extra-large brakes improve braking performance.
Isuzu N-Series Full Air Breaking System
Isuzu N-Series Full Air Breaking System
Full-air braking system
GVM 9.5-ton model employs a full-air braking system which includes a wheel-park type parking braking system as standard equipment. The model also features an air dryer to maintain brake performance.
Isuzu N-Series Exhaust Break
Isuzu N-Series Multi-reflector halogen headlamps
Exhaust brake
Assures safe stopping every time, even when fully loaded.
* Optional for some models
Multi-reflector halogen headlamps
Clear resin lenses and step reflectors provide outstanding illumination over a broad area to improve nighttime visibility and safety.
Isuzu N-Series Wide field of vision
Isuzu N-Series Compound curvature outside mirrors
Wide field of vision
Drivers enjoy a clear view of the area surrounding the vehicle, making safety checks easy and reducing driving fatigue.
Compound curvature outside mirrors
Mirror surfaces feature a compound curvature, enhancing indirect views.
* Image shows optional under view mirror.
Isuzu N-Series Jet wipers
Isuzu N-Series Exhaust brake-linked lamps
Jet wipers
Enhanced wiper performance for a clear windshield.
Exhaust brake-linked lamps
Engaging the exhaust brake activates the brake lamps, warning following vehicles.

The Ultimate Workspace

Isuzu N-Series Truck Cabin
Step up and experience the ultimate mobile office. With excellent accessibility, the cabin is a full-featured workspace designed for maximum utility, safety and comfort.
Isuzu N-Series Truck Seat
Isuzu N-Series Truck Seat
Cloth seat (standard)
Isuzu N-Series Vinyl Seat
Vinyl seat (option)
*Standard for dump model
Isuzu N-Series Truck
Isuzu N-Series Stirring wheel
Isuzu N-Series LED Meters
LED meters
Meter panel graphics incorporate ISO-compliant warning symbols. Meters are also easier to read, allowing drivers to confirm vehicle status at a glance. Moreover, LED lighting uses less electrical power, and lamps have a long service life.
Isuzu N-Series DIN devices
More space for DIN devices
Vehicles are being equipped with more devices that use DIN connectors, and there is plenty of room to neatly install information terminals and audio equipment. Up to six DIN devices can be installed.

Ready for Business

Convenient features and plenty of storage space: N-Series is comfortable and efficient, and ready for business.
Main equipment
Isuzu N-Series Glove box without lid
Glove box without lid
Isuzu N-Series Door pockets
Door pockets
Isuzu N-Series Convenient hook
Convenient hook
Isuzu N-Series Card holder
Card holder
Isuzu N-Series Driver's seatback pocket
Driver’s seatback pocket
Isuzu N-Series large guard bar
Large guard bar
Isuzu N-Series assist grip A-pillars
Assist grip A-pillars
Isuzu N-Series Door ash tray
Door ashtray
(optional for co-driver’s side)
Isuzu N-Series Drivers seat sunvisor
Driver’s seat sunvisor
(optional for co-driver’s side)
Isuzu N-Series Column combination switches
Column combination switches
Isuzu N-Series tilt cab
Tilt cab
(except crew cab models)
• Glove box without lid • Door pockets • Convenient hook • Card holder • Driver’s seatback pocket
• Center seat back tray (with wide cab models) • Large guard bar • Assist grip A-pillars
• Door ashtray (optional for co-driver’s side) • Cigarlighter
• Driver’s seat sunvisor (optional for co-driver’s side) • Column combination switches
• Rear window with room mirror • Exhaust brake*
• Air dryer (with full air brake model) • Air compressor (with full air brake model)
• Tilt cab (except crew cab models) • Spare tire
*Optional for some models.


Isuzu N-Series glove box with lid
Glove box with lid
Isuzu N-Series back panel tray
Back panel tray
Isuzu N-Series header tray
Header tray
Isuzu N-Series door pull case
Door pull case
Isuzu N-Series cup holders
Cup holders
Isuzu N-Series assisi grip cantrail
Assisi grip-cantrail
(co-driver’s side)
Isuzu N-Series power window switch
Power window switch
Isuzu N-Series air conditioner
Air conditioner
Isuzu N-Series tool box
Tool box
Isuzu N-Series fuel tank lock cap
Fuel tank lock cap
• Glove box with lid • Back panel tray • Header tray • Door pull case • Cup holders • Coat hook (hanger hook) • Door ashtray (co-driver’s side)
• Sunvisor (co-driver’s side) • Assist grip-cantrail (co-driver’s side) • AM/FM Radio (with CD/MP3 player) • AM/FM Radio (with CD player) • AM/FM Radio • Power window switch • Central door locks • Air conditioner • Heater & defroster • Front fog lamp • Cornering lamp • Front under view mirror • Reversing warning buzzer • Fuel sedimenter heater •Tool box • Fuel tank lock cap* • 200t fuel tank • The above options are not applicable for some models.
*Standard for some models.